Tako Bar Catering provides delicious BBQ catering. We have the best BBQ around. Our fun, friendly staff will provide a BBQ catering service for any event you want us to. A backyard party, a birthday or a corporate meeting can have a BBQ theme in the mist. BBQ is not just a casual food. Everyone likes BBQ, no matter where you are from.

When you schedule us to do a BBQ catering service for you, we will come and sat up a BBQ grill and do the cooking right in front of your guests. We provide a 2-3 hours complete BBQ catering service. Our friendly staff will come out set up and be ready to start cooking when your guests arrive. This service includes your very own personal chef in complete chef attire, and highly talented staff personnel.

Tako Bar Catering provides different options when it comes to BBQ catering. If you would like simple BBQ food, than you could go with hamburgers and hotdogs. Or you could choose from BBQ foods like marinated ball tip, marinated chicken, marinated tri-tip, pork ribs, barbeque oysters, sliders, and hot & mild links.

The people in San Francisco and the surrounding areas have been enjoying BBQ catering from Tako Bar Catering long enough to know that we serve the most delicious BBQ foods you will ever taste. Our Latin America BBQ brings a Mexican flair to our dishes that people love.

Along with our BBQ catering we offer side dishes like vegetable platters, fruit platters and fresh juices. Our fresh fruit juices are called Aguas Frescas and are made from fresh fruit.

For a full scale BBQ catering service get in touch with Tako Bar Catering today!

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