Tako Bar Catering is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and seasoned catering businesses in the Marin County vicinity. With the reputation for remaining affordable, cordial, and providing high quality food and service, we have proven our catering company to be the premium choice for Marin County catering events and celebrations.

Whether you are organizing a large company event, a holiday season work party, birthday celebration, black tie event, or maybe even your wedding, we can easliy transform your concept into a stylish event.

With an extensive selection of catered cuisine menus and a wide range of pricing options, we can definitely fulfill your personal desires, your guest’s appetites, not to mention your budget. Regardless if you plan on having 25 guests or even up to 2,000 guests at your event, we will meet all of your needs and exceed all of your expectations.

We carry a wide assortment of catered food selection options, from a whole Barbeque catering plan which features vast platters of enticing steaks, delicate meats, and side dishes, to a multitude of exquisite Mexican meals paired with fresh rice and beans, not to mention an appetizing selection of sushi, fresh fruit and vegetable platters, pupusas, and even an all-inclusive self-serve taco bar arranged with the freshest toppings.

Our genuine Mexican cuisine, which goes great with our favorite “Skinny Girl Margarita”, is one of the most popular Marin County catering picks. It features many delicious Mexican dishes and tasty margaritas that our experienced bartenders will serve up cold and satisfying.

Regardless of whichever catered menu selection you find yourself choosing, your very own personal chef will be there to cook it to your satisfaction. Our remarkable master chefs, entertaining bartenders, and qualified team will suit your needs and ensure your next event is a hit.

The next time you need to plan an exceptional celebration and want the most premier Marin County catering has to offer, give us a call. We would be happy to accommodate all of your needs and shape your event into a success!

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